Sunday, January 16, 2011

Help Needed for People in Flood

We are all doing our bit to help out the victims of the floods around Australia.  Money is coming in, and volunteers by the thousands are helping with the clean up.  People are cleaning, scrubbing, washing, removing items that were once loved and are now unable to be saved, repairing.  

People are being offered money to help them rebuild, but I know women will use the money to help set up their children, their husband/partner.  It is not a lot of money.  Clothing has been donated - and they are now saying that they do not need more.  They are swamped.

I believe that many women will buy for their family and not for themselves, so I am asking women around Australia to purchase a pack of Knickers, attach an encouraging note, and send them.  I will put addresses below.

I do urge people, where possible to keep donating, or raising funds, but I know that there are thousands of women who have lost everything, and would love to have a fresh, clean, new pair of knickers and a heartwarming note.  I know they will put their families first, and having little for themselves.

Go to a supermarket, store, and buy a pack of knickers - they must be packed/sealed and send them.  They are light to post, and women all around Australia can help here.

What size?  Any size will do.  Attach a note and send them.

So buy a pack, add a note, put in large envelope/packet and send. Just get basic undies. A mix of colours is fine.  All - white is not a good idea!

For the moment they can be sent to 

Knickers with Notes,
PO Box 3500

and I will give them to an organisation for distribution to those in need.  I am communicating with a women's organisation for distribution.  I will advise here.


  1. What an awesome idea Di... will put this out through all my networks and will be off to buy some later on this afternoon.

    Thank you XX

  2. What a great idea!
    I'll get some tomorrow when i go shopping.

  3. What a fabulous idea ... Off to the shops and post office tomorrow.

  4. Great idea ... women never put themselves first. xo

  5. Thank you. Make sure you write a nice note too.

  6. Hi Di - I picked up some '10 packs' in the following sizes: 10/12, 14/16, 18/20 and 22/24. Will get them in the mail this week! xox @fmll

  7. I went to Ossies yesterday and also been at GCCC. I noticed there was little if any clothes for our plus size ladies. Was thinking to put the call out for plus size clothes for ladies along with good quality bras and new undies. What do you think? Jodi

  8. Great idea! I'm putting some knickers in the post today. Hope that appeal is going well.